Message Delivery
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What makes our answering service unique is you can choose as many delivery methods to suit your lifestyle – making us the answering service that delivers! If you need messages faxed, paged, e-mailed out, and patched through to your technician, we can accommodate. For some people, it may be useful to have every message sent to their fax machine. Businesses who are more mobile need messages sent to them as a text message. Yet others require an online log of all messages they can see and access at anytime. As part of our answering service & call center services, we offer the following message delivery methods to our customers.

  • Message Delivery Over Fax Machine: Automated system can fax messages to you immediately after receiving a call or at certain hours of the day you require us to.
  • Messages Delivery Via E-Mail: Our software delivers your messages to your email address (or multiple e-mail addresses) immediately after receiving a message at our call center or we can e-mail a complete report of all messages (including messages that were paged out/patched through/etc.) to your e-mail box at designated times.
  • Message Delivery To Pagers: For companies using alpha pagers and pager systems, we have the ability to page messages to the on-call representative or have an operator notify the representative to call the service to get their message.
  • Message Delivery to Cell Phones: This message delivery method is also called SMS or text messaging which allows our customers to use their existing cell phone, iPhone©, or Blackberry©.
  • Live Message Delivery / Call Patching: If there are certain calls you wish to be notified ASAP for, answering service operators can put your caller on hold, contact you, patch the caller through to your line, then drop off the phone line. This delivery method is ideal for emergency situations and lead capture situations. Our answering service understands your needs.
  • Voicemail Transmission of Messages: All voicemail messages from your clients (if you have voicemail as a revert option added to your account) are recorded and e-mailed to you as a .WAV or .MP3 file type.
  • Web Message Delivery: Messages delivered in real time as they are taken by our operators to a web interface which you have access to 24 hours a day.

Whatever type of message delivery you choose for your business, know that each message is taken by a professional and efficient operator who will follow your script and represent your company as you would. If you require messages to be sent in multiple ways or need a combination of the above methods, we can work with you. We delivery messages in real time and with accuracy to ensure you get the messages on time and make the most use our of leads, sales, and customer service. How about that for an answering service that delivers.